I approached Rob Keko because we were looking for a versatile composer/producer and musician for the ecoFin documentary. Rob worked based on the visual content and creative briefings he was given and composed compelling musical themes for various moods, lengths, tempo and instruments. Furthermore, he recoded and produced the final theme songs for the edit. The result was outstanding. Not only did he interpret our communicated needs to the most, he also proposed new ideas, and integrated feedback to deliver an excellent result of seven themes/songs and additional sound effects. One thing I liked especially was his ability to translate rough ideas into perfect matching musical interpretation. He was very responsive to questions and delivered on time. Overall a very professional approach. I would recommend Rob Keko to people who need original production music for projects of all types and genres. 

"Luise Grossmann" Five-Oceans



Winner of: Best Documentary  Barcelona Planet Film Festival

Winner of: Best Documentary

Barcelona Planet Film Festival

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Working with Rob Keko is an absolute pleasure and always an enjoyable experience. I've now used Rob as a session guitarist on two separate movie scores, The Neon King and Shiver. Both times he not only delivered the sound and tone that I was stylistically searching for, he also brought new idea's to the table which allowed the music to reach its full potential. I strongly recommend Rob as a session guitarist and will definitely be using him for future scores requiring guitar performance and production. 

“Michael Drew” (Film/Game) Composer.




I approached Rob Keko because I was aiming to expand my musical palette and learn practical theory for guitar. My main goal was to improve technique, broaden my playing style and explore advanced improvisation concepts for lead guitar. Rob helped me by identifying my musical skill-set at the time and placing a large emphasis towards fundamentals of music theory and technique, before moving on to new territory. He tailored his teaching to my knowledge and ability, always giving practical examples and demonstrations to reinforce the lesson content. I’ve gained a more thorough knowledge and understanding of the fretboard and a lot more confidence when improvising on the guitar. Rob’s approach has been personal and attentive towards my learning and he's always given more than is expected. I have found the experience to be musically inspiring and extremely helpful, I suggest anyone who wants to accelerate their playing and expand musically to contact him. 

“Joel Odge" Guitar Student